Are you tired of constantly looking for truckers on your own?
What if we have a database of owner-operators and a special platform that will help you connect with them?
  • Unique daily updated database of companies who have just gotten the authority. Just download it as a file!
  • We also provide you with our Automatic Message Service that has been created to automatically send messages. Just write a text and set it up!
  • One more tool is Track Contacts. It allows you to bookmark companies you have already contacted so you won't call or write them again.
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Daily Updated Database
We want to introduce you to our database. There you will get a constantly updated list of owner operators that have just gotten an authority. All you have to do is to contact them and offer your services.
Automatic Message Service
Automatic Message Service is the ability to write to all companies through one click. You just write one message and send it to all of them. No more wasted time on marketing messages.
Track Contacts
Track Contacts is the tool that will help you to record companies that you have already contacted. Avoid embarrassing situations and wasting time with our service.